Off-Site Links

A page for links to places such as SCP websites and places with SCP Fuel.

SCP sites

  • The Wanderer's Library. A place for mystery and wonder, put these pictures to use in this site dedicated to tales of the Librarians.

SCP Fuel Links

Many of the sites that end up here will require proper attribution, as they may or may not be under the Creative Commons License. Failure to properly attribute the author will result in disciplinary action if you knowingly avoided doing so.

  • Eirewolf Creations, pictures of Nature and Animals, by Eirewolf. Be sure to check a picture's description before using it for an article, it may require more than attribution or usage.
  • Flickr, specifically a collection of pictures under Creative Commons, miscellaneous. Many pictures here have different types of licenses; check before usage!
  • A page where you can find image source.

Picture collections by Users:

  • Pictures by Faminepulse. Includes various pictures of suburban and natural landscapes, artifacts and sculptures, a variety of things. Famine has requested attribution for his photos, so credit him if you post an SCP with one of his pictures.

SCP Art Links

Have a link you'd like to add? Post it in the discussion page, and we'll take a look.

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