Rules And Guidelines

Some rules of thumb to keep in mind while you use the site, read them before you edit/change any pages:

  • The same rules of the SCP Wiki apply here. This means no lewd content, no vandalism, nothing of the sort. For more information, see the SCP Foundation Rules.
  • Make sure you are uploading original images. When you have a set of images, please try to be sure that they aren't already on the site. We have quite a few images, and it is inevitable that some may repeat. If you see duplicate copies of any images, please inform AccelerandoAccelerando or another wiki staff member.
  • Do not upload images already used in existing SCP articles: There are about 2000 or so SCP articles at this point, so it's not practical to check them all. But, please at least make a small effort to make sure your picture isn't already in use.
  • Images with Watermarks are ok to post. It would be even better if you left a source in the discussion page, so people can properly attribute the picture's creator.
  • Please don't host off-site links. Try to localize all the images you use. While you're at it, give them clear filenames so we know what we're looking at.
  • Feel free to suggest any new categories for images. We've gotten some pretty good ideas from users, so feel free to suggest them in PM's to Roget.
  • If you're not sure what category an image goes in, or if you think it goes in more than one, just make a judgement call. As long as it kinda fits in the category, it'll be fine. You can also suggest we move an image if you don't think it fits in the category we put it in. If you're really torn, put it in misc/unsorted. Remember to only put the image in one category.
  • Do not delete an image unless you are certain the article it is being used in will succeed. I've seen a couple cases where an SCP image was removed by a newbie author, only to have the article fail. A good rule of thumb is a +20 rating.
  • Don't upload ridiculously huge images. Wikidot scales 'em down to 300x300, so keep it in that range. Go here to re-size images:
  • Try to keep the number of images in a series down to below 3. Nobody wants to use more than that many images from one series in an SCP.
  • Pay attention to the number of pictures on a page when you add one. There is a limit of 20 images per page before we start creating tabs, and then 20 images per tab, so make sure to keep that in mind when adding your image.
  • Don't upload ridiculously massive files. Seriously, don't upload a 50mb jpeg of a cat and think it's okay. If you need to ask if the file is too big, its probably too big.
  • Try not to leave your picture's name as a series of random numbers. Give it a name that describes what it is, or something that doesn't make it difficult for us to find and delete it.
  • This is not a sandbox wiki.
  • If you need an image deleted, contact one of the admins, either Roget or Accelerando.
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