Rules For Artwork

Some rules in the guidelines for SCP fuel apply here, but to specify:

  • Nothing NSFW. Gore should be kept to a minimum, and anything explicit or suggestive will be deleted.
  • Please, don't purposely make something crappy in MS Paint just to post here. This could be considered as site vandalism, and may result in banning. This doesn't mean sketches aren't allowed, as long as effort was put into them.
  • Uploading an author's work without their permission is not acceptable. You should at least have some kind of evidence that they granted you permission, such as a screenshot of a message, or having them give confirmation wherever their work was originally posted.
  • To post your work, choose "Files" in the bottom right of the page, and upload your picture. It will be automatically displayed.
  • Feel free to suggest any new categories for images. If you feel like you've made something that doesn't fit any of these categories, feel free to suggest them in PM's to Roget or Accelerando.
  • If you're not sure what category an image goes in, or if you think it goes in more than one, just make a judgement call. We can move it if we think it belongs somewhere else, but as long as it kind of matches the category it'll be fine.
  • No outrageously large images. Since drawings can be high-res, we'll allow up to a certain point in image size, but nothing greater than 7 MB.
  • This is not a sandbox wiki.
  • If you need an image deleted or have any questions, contact either AccelerandoAccelerando or RogetRoget through PM.

If you want to join the site, PM Acclerando and ask for the password. If he thinks you're a cool guy, you can come in and upload stuff. If you don't want to go through the trouble of posting, simply give him permission and a link, and he'll gladly do it for you.

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